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In a society where the unpredictability of the future is the only certainty, speed and efficiency in providing reliable information became a luxury that many can no longer afford. 

A competitive solution for reaching a high journalistic output is to hire professionals capable of covering multiple roles.

Flymedia is a project founded by journalist and anthropologist Katarina Žakelj and independent filmmaker Massimo Mucchiut. 

The goal is to combine our individual multiple skills in order to offer you a highly professional service of video and photo journalism and different types of research at competitive production prices.


Flymedia provides a full coverage of wide range of topics with the highest standards of professional research, development, production and post-production phases.

We can cover any type of cultural or live event and conduct video and photo journalistic investigations;thanks of our diverse set of linguistic skills we can work in six different languages.

Flymedia members have international work experience in advertising, journalistic or anthropological research on social or cultural issues and documentary film productions (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Croatia, France, Russia and Mexico). 

Flymedia grants unusual flexibility which is made possible by our attitude to teamwork and fast delivery of the requested contents with the full awareness of the client’s business identity.

Our experience in corporate and independent business ensures high standards in most types of production that are available on the market. We offer you a highly professional result in every step of the audiovisual workflow.


The market of communication has rules of it’s own.

Viral video is a fundamental tool to promote your message and make your business more visible. 

We provide web TV publishing services and social networking on demand or a complete consulting service as web market experts who can help you improve the visibility of your business on the Internet.

Even the most interesting information can easily get lost among the countless web search results. 

We have the know-how that will place your contents among the very first ones and grant them visibility.

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